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Ambulance Stretcher Bariatric Lift (B-Lift)

The B-Lift is a hydraulic bariatric lift for ambulances that provides an improved patient experience, reduces potential for trauma during loading, and provides a safe, time-reducing lift on site for faster transportation.

This battery-powered, vehicle-mounted lift offers a high level of patient and EMT safety during patient transfer into the ambulance. Our B-Lift promotes the well-being of the patient as well as those operating the lift, leading to fewer injuries for both parties.

– Single push button deployment
– 1,350 lbs weight capacity (the Stryker stretcher only lifts 600 lbs. max)
– Platform size is 30″ x 76″
– Platform fits lsolette, Ferno cot, and Stryker cot
– Compatible with Type I and Type III ambulances

The B-Lift is a great replacement for the Mac’s Bariatric Ambulance Lift which is no longer in production.

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