Equipment & Capabilities

Custom Metal Fabrication

We have everything! If the question is, ‘Do you have a particular piece of equipment?’ the answer is yes! We have every tool at our fingertips ready to machine, cut, roll – whatever you need. No tool gets in our way – if you need it, we’ve got it!

Here are a few examples of some of the equipment we have:

Metal Lathe – designed for precisely machining relatively hard materials such as metal and plastics

CNC Press Brake – a machine pressing tool for bending sheet and plate material. The press brake forms predetermined bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching punch and die.

CNC Punch Press – Computer numerically controlled (CNC) punching is a sheet metal manufacturing process that accurately positions the sheet under the machine’s punching ram to punch a hole or form.

High Definition Plasma Table – designed to cut and shape all grades and thicknesses of steel with accuracy and efficiency.

Plate Roller – a machine that rolls different kinds of metal sheets into a round or conical shape.

Vertical Mill – In a vertical mill, the cutting tool and spindle move up and down to shape metal into a predetermined form, from ball bearings to airplane parts or flywheels.