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Through the years we have developed a relationship with industrial engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, electricians, plumbers, HVAC contractors, building contractors, boat owners, farmers, mechanics, and homeowners. Johnson Hilliard is also a metal supply cut shop and offer a wide variety of metals with the ability to cut your stock at any length, and will supply you with the quantity needed.


100 Gallon Still

100 gallon still with condensor and stands for a local winery.

2 Ton

16 gauge carnival-style lettering.


321 stainless steel adapters.

Agota Springs Sign

Steel sign with rusted metal background and copper leaf.

Air Nozzles

Steel air nozzles.

Aluminum Boat Decks

When it comes to boating, whether it’s aluminum fishing boats, pleasure boats

Aluminum Boat Fabrication

When it comes to boating, whether it’s aluminum fishing boats, pleasure boats

Aluminum Canopy

Aluminum Canopy with perforated roof
Aluminum Chimney Cap

Aluminum Chimney Cap

Aluminum chimney cap with a flat roof.  This cap is an economical design but still

Aluminum Guttering Scuppers

Architectural aluminum scuppers.  We make custom scuppers to fit your needs.  These

Aluminum instrument stands

Instrument stands for various controls to be mounted

Aluminum Ladder

Aluminum ladder designed to fit a specific need.

Aluminum Light Post Base

Custom aluminum light posts for any purpose. Your specifications and style.

Aluminum Tread Boxes

Aluminum tread boxes used as buffet food warmers in a commercial setting.

Aluminum Tread Ramp

Aluminum tread ramp for loading/unloading at a dock.

Aquarium Stand Dyed Metal

Aquarium stand made from steel and dyed green.


Whatever you need for your home or office, whether it be interior, exterior,

Automotive Hood

Fabricated hood for a Model T.

Basement Cover

1/4″ aluminum basement cover tread plate with aluminum frame. Door opens and
Black Chimney Cap

Black Chimney Cap

Black chimney cap with a hipped standing seam roof.  Using pre-painted galvanized

Box Press Machine

Custom creation for on-site box press machine.


Large delivery of stainless steel parts.

Coffee Table

Steel coffee tables with expanded metal on top for stone to be laid as the table top.

Commercial Shelving

Commercial shelving for delivery trucks.


Close-up photo of condensor flange.

Condensor Coil

Close-up photo of condensor coil.

Condiment Holder

Stainless steel condiment holder.


16 gauge steel cone/adapter.


Johnson Hilliard can fabricate virtually any metal piece needed for your construction

Construction Ducting

Aluminum transition duct.

Construction Tool Drawers

Custom heavy-duty steel drawers for a work truck.

Copper Canopy

Standing seam copper canopy used for an entrance at a residence.  The frame is made

Copper Chimney Cap

This copper cap was made with 1/4″ copper plate.  The round flue covers were
Copper Chimney Cap

Copper Chimney Cap

Copper chimney cap with a hipped standing seam roof.  Standing seams were added to
Chimney Copper Cap

Copper Chimney Cap

Copper chimney cap with a hipped standing seam roof.  this cap does not have the

Copper Chimney Cap

This cap was made from 16oz copper and no rivets were used, only solder joints were

Copper Chimney Cap

This is a large standing copper cap with a vented top for extra ventilation and appearance.

Copper Chimney Caps

Beautiful designs and effective venting and protection for your home.

Copper Countertop

With welded sink and back splash.

Copper Cupola

A basic copper cupola with curved sides.

Copper Dormer

This is a copper eyebrow dormer used in a residential setting.  The joint was fully

Copper Downspout

Copper downspout custom fit and soldered

Copper Gutters

Johnson Hilliard can fabricate and install your copper gutter and downspouts.  This

Copper Hood

Copper hood before patina was applied.

Copper Hood with Brown Patina

Copper hood fabricated with no rivets and using only solder joints. Brown patina was

Copper Kettle

Perfect kettle for Apple Butter – Small copper kettle with stand, made from 32

Copper Mailboxes

16 oz. copper mailboxes.

Copper Still

Copper still made with all joints welded and 1/4″ copper flange. 16 oz copper


Johnson Hilliard is known for its creativity and expression, and the craftsmanship


We have been constructing electrical boxes, bases, pieces,  and accessories for

Electrical Box

Stainless Steel screen cover box with insert screws.

Electrical Meter Cover

Waterproof stainless steel electrical meter cover box with locking latch.

Electrical Wire Spool

Electrical wire spool made with aluminum.

Filter Box

Filter box/screen for industrial application.

Fire screen and fire plate

Custom made screen to fit fireplate

Food and Beverage

For years, Johnson Hilliard has been working with great restaurant clients, and

Food and Beverage Table

Aluminum table with casters.

Heat Exchanger

Heat exchanger coils made from 1″ square steel tubing.

Heat Pump Guard

Steel guard with expanded metal to prevent theft of copper from the heat pump.


Johnson Hilliard specializes in industrial metal fabrication and applications, and

Industrial Cart

Engineered cart for industrial research and development.

Johnson Hilliard Sign

This is our Johnson Hilliard sign.  The letters were made with aluminum and the

Mailbox stand

Steel mailbox stand to protect mailboxes

Manufacturing Guard

Steel chain guard.

Metal Chimney Caps

Chimney Caps help protect your home from heat loss, moisture and other types of


Steel treadplate planter with stainless steel frame.

Restaurant Shelving

Stainless steel shelving for restaurant storage.

Side Seal Vent

321 stainless steel side vent.

Skylight Cover

Aluminum skylight cover with hydraulic arms for opening and closing.

Stainless Bath Tank

Stainless chemical bath tank.
Stainless Chimney Cap

Stainless Chimney Cap

Stainless steel chimney cap designed to fit someone’s specific needs.

Stainless Counter Top

Stainless steel restaurant countertop.

Stainless Curved Countertop

16 gauge stainless steel counter top with a matte finish.  Countertop has a

Stainless Steel Brick Oven Door

Custom made brick oven door with insulation and thermometer.

Stainless Steel Enclosure

Large NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure with custom made latches.

Stainless Steel Oil Pan

3/16″ stainless steel oil pan for industrial purposes

Stainless Still

20 and 30 gallon stills are made from 14 gauge stainless steel.

Stainless tanks

Large stainless steel tanks with stands.

Steel Chimney Caps

Chimney caps save energy and protect your home from damage, animals and other forces

Steel Duct Transitions

Manufacturing products to help transition air and materials as needed.

Steel Fire Grate

1″ steel square rods were used to make this custom fit firegrate

Steel Fire Pit Rusted with Finish

Steel fire pit rusted with a clear-coat finish.

Steel Hopper

Steel hoppers.

Steel louver

Large steel louver used for filtration in an industrial application

Steel Material Handling Box

Custom fabricated steel box container. Have a need for something like this? Custom

Support Beams

Steel frames for hoppers.


Aluminum tread tool box.

Tractor implement

Implement was made to raise onions and garlic from the ground.

Utility Box

11 gauge stainless steel acid settling tank.

Utility Boxes

Stainless steel NEMA 4X boxes.

Utility Boxes

Screen cover enclosure with handles.

Wire Rack

Electrical wire rack for utility truck.