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Where We’re From

Johnson-Hilliard was established in 1938. After serving as a Navy Pilot during World War II, Bo Ripley was hired as a furnace salesman for the company. He later became President and a stockholder. In 1977, Mr. Ripley and his son, Richard Ripley, became the sole owners of Johnson-Hilliard. Ben Ripley is now the third generation of this family to operate and carry on this 75 year tradition.


What We Do

Johnson Hilliard’s commitment to quality has always translated to its clients. From large, industrial projects to small, detailed designs, the company offers fair pricing to clients, caters to their needs, and works to establish – and maintain – strong relationships.

Local fast food icon, Pal’s, and local glass company, AFG, have worked with Johnson Hilliard since the 1980s. The company crafts several of Pal’s operations and production components – from interior stainless shelves and line equipment to its hangers and condiment holders. For AFG, Johnson Hilliard has had a major hand in fabricating and servicing parts for its high-heat furnaces.

Where We’re Going

As Johnson Hilliard looks to the future, it does so with Ben Ripley at the helm. Ripley, the third generation of the Johnson Hilliard brand, is ready to take what the metalwork company does best – and make it even better. With his crew of master craftsmen, he is prepared to do precisely that.

The company plans to capitalize upon the social media boom and pursue new travel opportunities in order to expand its brand. Modern technologies – including updated operating systems – have been implemented to help Johnson Hilliard and its workers move in this new direction.

It’s a move that can’t, and won’t, be made without Johnson Hilliard’s foundation: its workers, and their commitment to quality metal fabrication and design. With these pieces in place, Johnson Hilliard is crafting a new generation.